Get Tainted Fate here!

It’s here! Tainted Fate is here! Fresh out of the oven and into your VR mittens it goes!

On this weird and virus ridden spooktober we are beyond excited to at long last bring the full Tainted Fate experience onto Steam.
Let’s recap all the updates we did throughout Early Access because we’re proud of how Tainted Fate has evolved over the years:

Arena Mode and Online Leaderboards: Arena Mode Update
Puzzles, collectables: Puzzles Galore update
More blood, better dismemberment, new boss fight, environments, shaders and levels: Halloween 2019
Audio overhaul, new enemy, achievements:
overhauled the audio, added a new enemy and achievements.

If you want to read more about how the early access went, why we’re releasing now and other development details, head on to this here post.

Be the horror.

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