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Mladen first started making games around 2002 when he was like 9 or something. He frantically searched for the word “Game” in QBasic’s help menu, thinking there was a command to just magically create a game. When he figured out that’s not the case, he started programming simple multiple-choice text adventures for his brother and sister.

After that when installing a pirated copy of Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, there was an option to install “Serious Editor” with the game. Not knowing what that was, but curious nonetheless, Mladen pressed the little check mark next to “Serious Editor”. As he opened the program and saw he could manipulate the game’s levels, he knew this was his life’s calling.

He wanted to make his own games, not really interested in modding existing ones. So he searched for “free game engines and free 3d modeling” all day long. He stumbled upon 3D Rad and Wings3d. The first iteration of Misfit Village was called SeptSoft, as in “Septička Jama Software” which would translate to Septic Tank Software. This was the result:

These games (“Helloween” – don’t know how he thought he’d get away with that name and “Impact”) are all lost to time (actually to a backup CD filled with viruses that got lost).

3D Rad seemed quite out of date by 2008, so Mladen found NeoAxis engine. He created SickBrick, a first person shooter “think Portal but without the Portal and shotguns instead, also the story is written by a teenager”. At this point Mladen called himself “Misfit Villager” because he thought making videogames was a strange fit for a village boy such as himself. SickBrick came out in 2011 on Desura and in 500 physical retail copies in Croatia. In 2015 it came out on Steam and everyone who worked on it was happy. Then in 2017 some bad stuff happened, but that’s ok. SickBrick is not available online anymore, the only way to play it is to get ahold of a physical copy (good luck with that).