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Hi, Mladen here, the creative director at Misfit Village. Back with another dev log about the making of our horror adventure game Go Home Annie. This time we’ll delve deeper into the game’s world and lore.

If you’re like me and are curious about the deep lore of a game you’re playing, look no further cause we’ve got you covered. The environment of Go Home Annie is filled with optional snippets of history and backstories for you to find and piece together. And if you prefer faster-paced gameplay, without reading every little note, log, and document, playing through the main storyline will be more than enough to enjoy the game and get a great experience!

One of the many snippets of the game’s backstory you can discover while exploring Go Home Annie’s environments.

Go Home Annie is part of the SCP Foundation universe – a fictional secret agency that secures and contains anomalous objects and entities and protects the general public from them. Each object is given a number. For instance, SCP-1974 is a conscious bathtub with two personalities. We took our own spin on the SCP lore by creating the SCP Replication Division. You’ll meet various replicas of SCPs and they’ll all have unique traits compared to their original counterparts.

We were inspired by the many stories on the SCP Wiki and wanted to highlight and bring to the forefront some less-known SCPs through our game. Some of which you might have already seen in trailers and screenshots, but there are still some big surprises that we’re keeping under wraps for you to experience when you dive into the game yourself.

A map of one of the floors of the SCP Replication Division, depicting some of the SCPs you’ll be dealing with throughout the game.

The Replication Division is stationed in a remote location in rural Croatia. We don’t share specifics about the exact location in order to keep an air of mystery around the game’s setting. To the outside world, the Replication Division is presented under the guise of a military base. The local inhabitants of the nearby village don’t buy the story and come up with various conspiracy theories about what might be happening on the mysterious hill with the military base on top. Strange sounds coming from the depths of the nearby forests and alleged sightings of paranormal beings are commonplace.

The inspiration for this scenery was drawn from one of my rides through the rural countryside in the dead of night while a thick fog was covering all the eye could see. Seeing all the weird shapes and silhouettes strewn throughout the countryside made me think to myself “This would be the perfect setting for a horror game”.

Work-in-progress screenshot showing authentic Croatian-style road signs.

We hope a little glimpse of the lore and setting of Go Home Annie got you excited to try out the game yourself. We’ve all gotten into the holiday spirit here at Misfit Village and hope you’re enjoying these winter days as much as we are. Until the next devlog, happy holidays and see ya!

Wishlist Go Home Annie on Steam!

Mladen Bošnjak
Creative Director at Misfit Village

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