Hi everyone, we’re beyond excited (actually shaking quite a bit) to finally be able to show you what we’ve been working on for several years. The trailer for Go Home Annie is live right now on Youtube:



In addition to that, we’re ready to let Annie into the wild by releasing a free demo (aren’t demos always free?) right here on Steam for all of you to try out, give us your feedback, maybe report a few dozen bugs and so on. We’d really like for everyone digging the trailer to try it out, we think you’ll find it pretty interesting. We think you’ll find it quite different to other horror titles, there’s some surprises to be had inside.

Thank you so much for following the game and as always – wishlist on Steam if you haven’t, it’s how we gauge interest in the game and it puts bread on our table. (Not really, but in the future!)

Mladen from Misfit Village

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