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Our goal

We had one goal with Tainted Fate and that was to get it into as many VR hands as possible. In addition to that hopefully break even financially in the process. Practically non-existent sales and mixed reviews at the start of Early Access plummeted Tainted Fate into the ground. It just wasn’t a good enough game at the start. We tried to resurrect it by updating and improving the game.

All them updates

We did the Arena Mode Update which brought in a new mode and online leaderboards. We added more puzzles and collectibles in the Puzzles Galore update. For Halloween 2019 we added more blood, better dismemberment, a new boss fight, new environments, shaders and levels. After that we overhauled the audio, added a new enemy and achievements. The final update was the Gummy Bear Mega update which temporarily changed all the enemies into gummy bears as an April Fools joke.

In addition to all these updates, we have been fixing bugs and adjusting levels since 2019. We now believe Tainted Fate is ready to leave Early Access. The price has been lowered from $14.99 to $9.99 in hopes to get more people to buy the game.

Plans vs reality

Looking back at our plans based on your feedback at the start of Early Access, looks like we’ve accomplished almost everything we set out to do during Early Access. Well, the AI is still pretty stupid. Let’s say that’s intentional and demons in Tainted Fate’s universe love to just run at you with complete disregard for their well-being.


We’re releasing Tainted Fate out of Early Access and into your virtual demon hands this Spooktober just a week before Halloween. Specifically October 29th for $9.99.

Enjoy! And as always:

Be the horror.

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